A Blitzstein Cabaret CD
Premier PRCD 1005
Words by Marc Blitzstein unless otherwise noted
All Music by Marc Blitzstein
*reconstructed, **with additional lyrics and ***music completed by Leonard Lehrman

Performed by Helene Williams, Ronald Edwards, and Leonard Lehrman

1. from Reuben Reuben (1955): Miracle Song*
Theme from Jane Pickens Show (1949)
Lovely Song***

2. from Goloopchik (1946):
The Russian Language*
Mamasha Goose*

3. from Idiots First(1962-73)***:
Who Will Close the Door on a Neighbor's Misfortune
How I Met My New Grandfather

4. A Quiet Girl (1942-88)**

5. from New York Opera (1941):
The New Suit (aka Zipperfly)

6. from Parade (1935):
Send for the Milita*

from No for an Answer:
7. Penny Candy
8. Fraught

from Juno
9. What Is the Stars?*
10. My True Heart
11. Quarrel Song**

12. Modest Maid* (1945-58)

from Reuben Reuben
13. Be With Me*; Such a Little While
14. Rose Song*
15. Love at First Word*

16. from Sacco and Vanzetti:
With a Woman To Be

17. from Reuben Reuben:
Miracle Song*

Thirty-second samples from each of the selections may be heard at the amazon.com website.