LIVE EVENTS in New Music Connoisseur (v.8#4 pp.17-18) of

NEW MUSIC NOW!" Gyorgy Ligeti: ^Etudes, Book 2 )1988-94) ~~ Paul Lee: Trio #4 (2000) ~~ Patrick Hardish: Sonorities II (1985/rev. 2000) ~~ +Jonathan Kramer: A Game (1988-1992) ~~ Joseph Pehrson: Stringing (1999) ~~ Wendy Mae Chambers: Endangered Species Song Cycle, Part II (2000) ~~ Leonard Lehrman: Sonata for Violian & Piano (1971). Presented by Comopsers Concordance at NYU Frederick Loewe Theater. Oct. 3, 2000 (*world premiere; ^NY premiere; +Meet the Composer recipient)

Composers Concordance's kickoff concert of the 2000-01 season offered some pithy music and at least two surprises: an early piece by Leonard Lehrman, written while still a precocious student, and a fresh new work by Wendy Chambers. Mr. Lehrman received a French government (Fulbright) grant for study with Nadia Boulanger to bring about his sonata. Though his later dodecaphonic style, the work is generally sunny throughout with its glimmer of traditional melody. Interestingly, Lehrman recast the sonata as a concerto, and it became his master's thesis at Cornell U., also winning a prize as a finalist in the National Orchestra Association competition of 1988. With the composer at the piano an Dyrus Stevens, the violinist, the interpreters seemed like form advocates for a work with its own substantial validity.
The above review was written by a memer of the NMC staff of contributors independently of Composers Concordance. Nonetheless, be advised that the Composers Concordance is in association with the publication of this magazine.]