DOTTED NOTES by Eugene McBride (v.11#3&4, p.23):

+Abel Meeropol (1903-1986) adopted Robert and Michael Rosenberg, the sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg after the execution of those two as Soviet spies. Mr. Meeropol (writer, poet, composer) taught English in NYC public schools. He wrote under the pseudonym Lewis Allan. The concert presented, with music based on his texts, was the Centennial Celebration of Mr. Meeropol. Both sons were present. Historical information about Mr. Meeropol was presented by Dr. Nancy Baker, Boston University musicologist. Stylistically the music utilized traditional compositional materials. Few surprises were in evidence, though the music was well crafted. Joel Mandelbaum's Renunciation, a work commissioned for this concert, was continually interesting with harmonic surprises throughout. Of particular note was the premiere of The Wooing, an opera by Leonard Lehrman, libretto by Mr. Meeropol. Particularly effective was the music from Scene 4 with singers Helene Williams and Gregory Rahming.
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