List of Articles written for JEWISH WEEK
by Leonard J. Lehrman

(in chronological order)

01. 000204 A Blitzstein Blitz (at Joe's Pub)

02. 000218 Jewish Music: Chords and Discords on the Bima (on Jack Gottlieb)

03. 000310 The Arts: Redeeming 'The Eternal Road":
Weill's biblical epic at BAM works better as education than opera

04. 000407 Music: Song of the Century (on Abel Meeropol's "Strange Fruit"))

05. 000811 Music: The Soul of Satire (Tom Lehrer)

06. 020314 Prosecutor's Power (letter re Cantor Howard Nevison)

07. 020402 Reflections on the Shoah and the Refuge Down Under:
Cultural Contributions of Some Australian Holocaust Survivors (not printed)

08. 020418 Andorra and Roundheads (letter, not printed)

09. 091027 In Defense of Israeli Conductor (letter, published)

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