Marc Blitzstein Centennial Concert CD
Original Cast OC 6127
Words by Marc Blitzstein unless otherwise noted
All Music by Marc Blitzstein
#1, 5-9, 13-15 completed by Leonard Lehrman

1. Song (Rupert Brooke)

2. What's the Matter with Me?

3. The Way You Are

4. Hard to Say (from Reuben Reuben)

5. Lovely to Get Back to Love

6. War Song (Dorothy Parker)

from Idiots First:
7. Under the Sky
8. Who Will Close the Door
9. How I Met My New Grandfather

Three Walt Whitman Songs
10. As If a Phantom Caress'd Me
11. After the Dazzle of Day
12. As Adam

from Sacco and Vanzetti:
13. Memorial Day Parade
14. With A Woman To Be
15. Torremaggiore-Villafalletto Trio

I've Got the Tune (adapted by Leonard Lehrman)
16. Prologue
17. Sc. 1 The Street
18. Sc. 2 The Salon
19. Sc. 3 The Meeting
20. Sc. 4 The Neighbor
21. Sc. 5 The Street

22. Marc Blitzstein sings "The Nickel Under the Foot,"
featured song of the month for April 2006 at