Review by Marlene Harding in magazine then still called The Music Connoisseur (v.2 #3, pp.8-9) of Leonard LEHRMAN: Selections from his operettas, Performed May 8, 1994 on program #4 of Sunday Nights at Square One Spring Series, with music by Gaither, Glickman, Lependorf, Levister at Golden Fleece Ltd. Composers Chamber Theatre, 54 West 22nd Street, NYC.

...Pianist-composer Leonard Lehrman, a veritable reincarnation of Tom Lehrer combined with a Jewish Mark Russell, gave a deft performance of some of his work, greatly aided by the polished theatrical and musical ease of his soprano, long-time collaborator, Helene Williams. Ms. Williams not only looked and sounded chic and elegant, but performed with a sense of enjoyment untainted by... hamminess... Especially memorable were Ms. Williams' rendition of "Deniability" and "A Girl Without Morals" by Mr. Lehrman and Joel Shatzky, as well as the Lehrman-Williams teamwork in excerpts from E.G.: A Musical Portrait of Emma Goldman. The latter deserves a larger audience than the three dozen crammed into the Lou Rodgers-Golden Fleece vestpocket space at Theatre 22 in Chelsea, attentive as this audience was.