List of Articles written for
by Leonard J. Lehrman

(in chronological order)

01. 010523 [written for The Forward, not printed, made available online by The New Music Connoisseur:]
Musical Tributes to Anne Frank: Tasks for the "Good At Heart" - by Leonard Lehrman

02. 0109 A Case of the 'Prophetic Imperative'
[written for and published, abridged, by The Forward, posted in original form as Web Extra by The New Music Connoisseur:]
Marc Blitzstein's Magnum Opus At Last: Sacco and Vanzetti - by Leonard Lehrman

03. 05 (v.13#1&2, pp. 25-26) A Few Odd Notes Among the Beauties - review of Peter Halverson & Marcus DeLoach CDs
- by Leonard Lehrman

04. 05 (v.13#3&4, pp.17, 22) Music with a Jewish Eccent? - review of Jack Gottlieb's book, Funny, it doesn't sound Jewish:
how Yiddish songs and synagogue melodies influenced Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, and Hollywood
- by Leonard Lehrman

05. 05 (v.13#3&4, p.16) dotted notes: Jay Gottlieb - by Leonard Lehrman

06. 06 (v.13#3&4, p.19) obituary of Elizabeth Parcells - by Leonard Lehrman & Joseph Pehrson

07. 0626 (v.14#1, p.25) New Operas and the Importance of Librettists - on Coleman, Kondek, Picker, Charles Bernstein
- by Leonard Lehrman

07A. 0626 Leonard's Musings on Operas, including A Tale of Two Reginas and A Bare-Bones "Sweeney Todd"
--both originally written to precede article #7, but not printed in issue, posted online afterwards, apologetically

08. 06 (v.14#1, p.27) On the Right Track - review of Melanie Mitrano CD - by Leonard Lehrman

09. 06 (v.14#2, pp. 19-21) Critic-at-Large - by Leonard Lehrman
- on Rorem, Bennett Lerner, AME, Stucky, Mirror Visions, Fleisher, Koston, Dun, Futral, Lehrer

10. 06 (v.14#2, p.22) speakingOUT: LETTERS: More on Our Honorees
--Letter from Leonard Lehrman re Richard Brooks & Robert Sherman

11. 06 (v.14#2, p.24) obituary of Ralph Alan Dale - by Leonard Lehrman

12. 070517 Elie Siegmeister Centennial announcement

13. 070720 (v.15#1, pp.5 & 24) obituary of Beverly Sills - by Leonard Lehrman

14. 080127 (v.15#1 pp.14-16) Teachers, Students, Traditions, Tributes - Boulanger, Siegmeister, Eaton, Del Tredici
- by Leonard Lehrman

15. 080422 (v.15#2, p.7) obituaries of Susan Blake (1953-2007) & Gerhard Bronner (1922-2007) - by Leonard Lehrman

16. 080629 (v.15#2, pp.19f) Is The Rest Really Just Noise? - review of Alex Ross's book, The Rest Is Noise - by Leonard Lehrman

17. 080705 (v.15#2, p.26)
A Composers' Goldmine - review of CD, Songs to Seraphine: Diverse Settings of Heine's 15-Poem Cycle
- by Leonard Lehrman
[also posted at'-goldmine/ but somehow not retrievable there]

18. 080721 (v.15#2, p.26) Le dernier cri de coeur - review of Karen Smith Emerson CD - by Leonard Lehrman

19. 08721 (v.15#2, p.26) The Blonde in Pinsk and Blue - review of Alla Borzova CD - by Leonard Lehrman

20. 080705 (v.15#2, p.27) Brutal Chords Amid the Beauty - review of David Holzman piano CD - by Leonard Lehrman

21. 08721 (v.15#2, p.28) Beware of Music Critics in the Bureaucracy - review of Melvin Chen CD of Shostakovich piano music
- by Leonard Lehrman

22. 081019 (v.16#1, pp.16-18) New Life for Old Subjects - review of
Nasseri, Papale, Platt, Ustvolskaya, Hughes, Borzova, Da Capo, Dicapo, Karchin, Meglioranza, Rice, Juno
- by Leonard Lehrman

23. 081226 (v.16#2, p.10) Review of Program 1, June 4, 2008, ACA Festival
- by Leonard Lehrman [+reviews of Programs #2-5, including a comment on Lehrman & Blitzstein, by Barry L. Cohen]

24. 081226 (not printed, for website) New Amsterdam Singers Premieres Perera - by Leonard Lehrman

25. 081226 New & Not-So-New Operas - by Leonard Lehrman
- incl. Felsenfeld, Griffith, Manno, Adam Silverman, Westergaard
[not printed] + Rorem, Hoiby et al, printed in #29 below

26. 081226 (not printed, for website) A Day to Remember [June 7, 2008] - by Leonard Lehrman
- on Antheil, Blitztein, Court Street Music

27. 090120 (v.16#2, pp. 19-20) I Was There - on King, Siegmeister, Del Tredici, Adams, Kirchner, Bernstein,
Silverman, Gottlieb, Cipullo, Musto, Schwartz, Weill, Conlon, After Dinner Opera Company - by Leonard Lehrman

28. 090208 (v.17#1, pp. 13-14) Musical Thoughts on the Lincoln Bicentennial (Feb. 12, 2009) - by Leonard Lehrman

29. 090507 (v.16#2, pp.17-18) Dotted Notes: Reviews of Sunderland, Jacobsen, Bolcom, Rorem, Hoiby and Carter performances
- by Leonard Lehrman

30. 090607 (v.17#2, pp.13 & 22) Dotted Notes: Reviews of Wyner & ASJM, June 7, 2009 - by Leonard Lehrman

31. 091107 (v.17#2, pp.15-16) Jack Beeson and Changes in the Suburban Environment for New Music - by Leonard Lehrman

32. 100123 (v.18#1, p.13)"Love Has A Bitter Core": Recent Operas in Revival & Premiere - by Leonard Lehrman

33. 100221 Thoughts on Leon Kirchner (1919-2009) - by Leonard Lehrman
[website only; 1999 photo of Leon Kirchner, Faye-Ellen Silverman appears in v.17#2 p.4]

34. 100630 Adventures in Words and Music - by Leonard Lehrman
[website only] reports on performances of Aug. 16 & 20, 2009,
repeated Aug. 8, 2010 & Jan. 23, 2011; March 23, 2010 (Tully);
May 4, 21 & 29, 2010 (NYFOS, BargeMusic)
June 13, 2010 (LICA); June 24, 2010 (NY Philharmonic);
June 25, 2010 (Golden Fleece)June 27, 2010 (Tenri & Court St. Music)

35. 1008 Obituaries: Adele Berk, Albert Tepper, Robert Palmer, Jack Beeson - by Leonard Lehrman;
printed in v.18#2

36. 101216 Completions of & Additional Limericks - by Leonard Lehrman
submitted but neither printed nor posted, except here

37. 1107 20th Century Operas in the 21st Century - by Leonard Lehrman, printed & posted in v. 19#1
Wadsworth, Bernstein, Hoiby, Wilson, Winkler, Silver, Kenneth Jaffe,
Living Theatre, LaChiusa, Sainte-Croix, Siegmeister, Pollack, song recitals, Airheart

38. 1112 Music That Matters - by Leonard Lehrman
printed, abbreviated, in v. 19#2; posted here in full, incl.
Lehrer, Spektor, Motyls, Laitman, Occupy, Iron Curtain, Pehrson

39. Spring/Summer2012 Connections: Czech, French, German, Russian->American in New York
by Leonard J. Lehrman, with Helene Williams
printed, abbreviated, in v. 20#1, pp. 12-15; posted here in full

40. Fall/Winter2012 Tempest Treatments [+Marga Richter Biography]
by Leonard J. Lehrman; printed, abbreviated, in v. 20#2, p.8; posted here in full

41. 2014 Seminal Text-Driven Music in Context OR Roads Taken, and Then Not Taken;
by Leonard J. Lehrman; printed, abbreviated, in v. 21#1, pp.10-13; posted here in full

42. 2014-2015 Politics & Opera
by Leonard Lehrman; printed, slightly abbreviated, in v. 21#2, pp.6-9; posted here in full

List of Articles written for
about Leonard J. Lehrman

(in chronological order)

01. 9301 (v.1#1, pp.5-6 [unpaginated]) review by Barry L. Cohen of Songs of Conscience recording
[publication was then called The Connoisseur's Rack]

02. 9307 (v.1#2, pp.7-8 [unpaginated]) review by Barry L. Cohen of Lehrman opera New World
[publication was still called The Connoisseur's Rack]

03. 94 (v.2#2, pp. 4-6) review by Barry L. Cohen of performance of Lehrman's "Seven Love Poems" Mar. 11, 1994
[publication was still called The Music Connoisseur]

04. 94 (v.2#3, pp.8-9) review by Marlene Harding of Selections from Lehrman Operettas,
performed May 8, 1994 at Golden Fleece Ltd. [publication was still called The Music Connoisseur]

05. 95 (v.3#2, p.5) review by Marlene Harding of "A Blitzstein Cabaret" at Medicine Show Mar. 10-12, 1995
[publication was still called The Music Connoisseur]

05A. 95 (v.3#3, p.3) CORRECTIONS of preceding article
[publication was still called The Music Connoisseur]

06. 95 (v.3#3, pp. 17-18) review by Barry L. Cohen of William Cullen Bryant Bicentennial Concert CD
[publication was still called The Music Connoisseur];
also posted, in part, by Capstone Records,
along with a review by Alex Skovron, written for but not printed in NMC,
and an anonymous review published in the Sonneck Society Bulletin

07. 95 (v.3#4, pp.10-11) review by Marlene Harding of LICA Concert
Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II, Sept. 3, 1995
[publication was still called The Music Connoisseur]

08. 96 (v.4#2, pp.25-26) review by Marlene Harding of We Are Innocent, Opus One LP
[publication was still called The Music Connoisseur]

09. 97 (v.5#3, pp.21-22) review by Barry L. Cohen of Suppose A Wedding

10. 98 (v.6#2, p. 28) preview of review by Barry L. Cohen of Lehrman's The Birthday of the Bank

10A. 98 (v.6#3, p.6) review by Barry L. Cohen of Lehrman's The Birthday of the Bank

11. 98 (v.6#3, pp. 12-13) review by Barry L. Cohen of Hanns Eisler Centenary

12. 98 (v.6#4, pp. 41-42) review by Joseph Pehrson of CD A Blitzstein Cabaret

13. 00 (v.8#2, p.31) review by Alex Skovron of CD Helene Williams Sings Songs of Love
also posted by Capstone Records at

14. 00 (v.8#4, p. 28) review by Alex Skovron of CD Helene Williams Sings More Songs of Love
also posted by Capstone Records at

15. 00 (v.8#4, p.17) Anonymous review of concert including Lehrman's Violin Sonata

16. 01 (v.9#2 p.16) review of The Booby Trap at Golden Fleece

17. 01 (v.9#4, p.9) Musical Clones? - review by Joseph R. Pehrson of Sacco and Vanzetti

18. 01 (v.9#4, p.10) "Whose Opera Is It Anyway?: Another Opinion - review by Barry L. Cohen of Sacco and Vanzetti

These two reviews, #17 & 18, prompted a letter to NMC, posted, along with a number of letters to Opera News, at
NMC also posted the initial article in Opera News, and other letters it provoked, at
Unfortunately that link has been taken down, but the letters will be re-posted elsewhere.

19. 01 (v.10#1, p.20) review by Mark Greenfest of An Australian Odyssey

20. 02 (v.10#1, p.26) Worth a Half-Century Wait - review of Marc Blitzstein Songbook, vol. 1 & 2 [edited by Leonard Lehrman]
- by Barry Drogin; partially posted at but then taken down.
Read entire review by clicking here.

21. 03 (v.11#1) A Report on Two Recent "Musical" Weddings
- including Helene Williams & Leonard Lehrman, July 14, 2002 - by Barry L. Cohen

22. 0304 (v.11#2, pp.12-13) A Time to Remember review by Dr. Jonathan F. Dzik of Holocaust Memorial Program

23. 03 (v.11#3&4, p. 23) review by Eugene McBride of Abel Meeropol Centennial

24. 04 (v.12#3 p.17 reference - but appears only on website) An Eclectic Retrospective by JoyEllen Snellgrove
- review of Paul Sperry & Helene Williams performing Lehrman & Chanler May 27, 2004

25. 05 (v.13#1&2, p.4) introducing Leonard Lehrman as Critic-at-Large

26. 05 (v.13#1&2 pp.18-19) Marc Blitzstein at 100 by Joseph Pehrson

26A. 06 (v.13#3) ERRATA (in article #26)

27. 07 (v.15#1 pp.12-13) A Woman to Remember - review of E.G.: A Musical Portrait of Emma Goldman
at The Living Theatre, May 1, 2007 - by Linda Pehrson [includes photo of Helene Williams and interview with her as Emma]

28. 080829 (v.15#2) Dotted Notes - including review of Lehrman's Bloody Kansas - by Mark Greenfest

29. 090507 (v.16#2, p.4) photo of & "Bravi" to Lehrman & Williams for Siegmeister Centennial

30. 08-09 (v.16#2, p.24) Siegmeister as Song Master by Kenneth Boulton

31. 091015 (v.17#1, p.4) "Bravi" re 60th Birthday Concert

32. 09 (v.17#1, pp.7-8) Resonant Voices in Great Neck by Leo Kraft

33. 1306 (v. 20#2, pp.16-17) Marc Blitzstein: His Life, His Work, His World by Howard Pollack - [reviewed] by Mark Zuckerman


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