New World: An Opera About
What Columbus Did to the "Indians"

two-act opera with music by Leonard Lehrman
libretto by Joel Shatzky & the composer
commissioned by The Puffin Foundation

presented in concert by
After Dinner Opera Co. at Lincoln Center, Oct. 12, 1991,
with excerpts broadcast by WQXR the same day;

premiered by Long Island Composers Alliance
at Heckscher Park, Huntington, Aug. 11, 1992;

revived at Donnell Library, Manhattan, Feb. 9, 1993.

Photos from 1992 production--
dir.: Ben Spierman, cond.: Leonard Lehrman.

Watch the complete video from 1992,
here, or scene by scene:

Prelude & Kaytawari's Invocation
Entrance of Columbus & Crew
Christening of "San Salvador" & Nudity Chorus
Translations, Prayers
Queen Isabella's Bolero
Act I Quartet (Isabella, Columbus, Rodrigo, DeTorres)
The Discovery of Gold
Ensemble, Rodrigo, Yuisa, Act I Finale

Entr'acte (1993)
Entr'acte, Yuisa, Guarionex
Kaytawari's Vision
George's Scene
Kaytawari, Columbus Trio
Columbus-Isabella Duet
Act II Quartet (Isabella, Columbus, Rodrigo, DeTorres)
Taino Trio
Columbus, Rodrigo, DeTorres (on the Jews)
Rodrigo Frees Guarionex
Nightmare, Rap, Murder, Mourning Chorus
Chorus & Columboland Trio
Final Vision, Finale & Bows

Taino seer Kaytawari (Mark Wolff)
tells his walking dream
to Taino princess Yuisa (Janis Sabatino Hills).

Predicted is the coming of Columbus (Ronald Edwards)--

spurred on by Queen Isabella (Helene Williams).

The opera is told from the point of view of the Tainos,
Columbus' Jewish interpreter, and his black cabin boy.