Songs of Conscience
by Leonard Lehrman & Edith Segal
Performed by Helene Williams, soprano
and Leonard Lehrman, piano

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Songs to Poems by Edith Segal (1902-1997)

1. Crimes (music: Leonard Lehrman)

2.-4. Three Songs for Ethel & Julius Rosenberg (1953)
2. Come Place a Red Rose (music: C.W. Gluck)
3. Dreaming of Waltzing (music: Edith Segal, arr. L.Lehrman)
4. My Loved One (music: Edith Segal, arr. L.Lehrman)

5. From Six Million Nameless Graves (music: Edith Segal, arr. L.Lehrman)
6. She Died at High Noon (music: Edith Segal, arr. L.Lehrman)
7. Tell It On and On (music: Edith Segal, arr. L.Lehrman)
8. Underneath the Spanish Stars (music: Edith Segal, arr. L.Lehrman)
9. Dream of Peace (a cappella melody: "Acres of Clams")

10.-14. Take My Hand song cycle (music: Vally Weigl)
10. Soon
11. Challenge
12. I Saw Two Birds
13. Other Hearts
14. Other Summers

15. The Question (music: Edith Segal, arr. L.Lehrman)

Songs by Leonard Lehrman

16. Conscience (words: Lewis Allan)

17.-18. from Superspy! The S-e-c-r-e-t Musical
17. The Glorious War (L.Lehrman & Joel Shatzky)
18. The SDI Waltz (L.Lehrman)

19. I'd Like to Go Away Alone (Alena Synkova)

20.-21. from E.G.: A Musical Portrait of Emma Goldman
20. Where Do I Belong? (L.Lehrman & Karen Ruoff Kramer)
21. If I Can't Dance, It's Not My Revolution (L.Lehrman)

22. Little Alice from Amherst, Ohio (Polly Joan)
23. A Letter to Louise [Bryant] (John Reed's Last Poem)

24.-26. Sisters:
24. The Wife of Lot
25. Miriam
26. Zelophehad's Daughters