The Bourgeois Poet

by Leonard Lehrman, op. 28
cycle of 8 songs on poetry by Karl Shapiro (30') 1970
for voice and piano, orchestrated for soprano, strings and piano AMC
(Harvard B.A. honors thesis piece)

1) Introductory (from The Bourgeois Poet #34) 1'
2) The Bourgeois Poet (from The Bourgeois Poet #7) 2'
3) Deep-Thinking Machine (from The Bourgeois Poet #66) 3'
4) When Suffering Is Everywhere (from The Bourgeois Poet #33) 3'
5) How Do I Love You? (from White-Haired Lover) (= Sonnetina #3) 4'
[arr. for Bass & Piano = op. 82]
6) The First Time (from Poems of a Jew) 8'
7) The World Is My Dream (from The Bourgeois Poet #1) 4'
8) A'men (from The Bourgeois Poet #71) 4'

premiere with piano, Barnes Hall, Cornell by Kathryn Henderson & composer 10/29/73
All sung & taped with orchestra, Bennington 1970 (Antonia Lavanne)
& at Harvard, 1971
complete performance by Helene Williams, Bryant Library, Roslyn 8/20/99
and at Chapel Off Chapel (#1-5 & 8), Melbourne Australia, 1/5/02

#6-8 perf. with piano at Harvard; #6 perf. Salzburg 8/72;
#5-6 perf. Steinway, N.Y.City 3/11/79 & Heidelberg 5/13/80
#1 perf. by composer in one-man-show, E.Berlin 4/19/85
#5 perf. by Charles Osborne, Temple Sinai of Roslyn 8/20/89
#1&2 perf. & recorded by Nancy Ogle*

op. 28A. Arrangement of #5 from above cycle for mixed chorus and string quartet or piano (4') 8/72
premiere w/ piano: Thomas Sokol Chorale @Cornell ASUC convention 4/16/77
premiere w/ string quartet: Alliance for American Song Merkin Hall concert 10/83
broadcast by WBAI 3/79 & WFUV

*who writes, at :
"The Bourgeois Poet by Leonard Lehrman, from a cycle of settings of Karl Shapiro. The sardonic wit in the poem comes to life in the song. A little of this mood goes a long way, but the song is an exquisite piece of writing: memorable and sure to bring chuckles from the audience. It makes one curious to know more of Lehrman's music. Listen to The Bourgeois Poet. Besides the Shapiro songs, Lehrman has also set texts of Emily Dickinson."

Her recording may be heard at poet.wav