List of Articles written for THE FORWARD
by Leonard J. Lehrman

(in chronological order)

01. 001117 Storming Into a New Century with Aaron Copland

02. 001124 p12 'The Assistant' Earns New Life on Video

03. 010119 New Ellis Island Cycle To Premiere at 92 St Y

04. 010523 not printed, made available online by The New Music Connoisseur: Musical Tributes to Anne Frank: Tasks for the "Good At Heart"

05. 010817A Case of the 'Prophetic Imperative'
0109 printed in original form by The New Music Connoisseur: Marc Blitzstein's Magnum Opus At Last: Sacco and Vanzetti

06. 020412Anarchists Remembered

07. 020524 p22 Following Its Own Lead: Orpheus

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