List of Translations
by Leonard J. Lehrman

from the Russian

"Do the Russians Long for War?" by Yevgeni Yevtushenko, music by Komissarzhefsky, 1966

Getting Married, one act of opera after Nikolai Gogol by Modeste Musorgsky, for George Gibian, William Austin, Laurel Fay & Jerry Amaldev, Cornell, 1973

A Life for the Tsar, opera by Mikhail Glinka, for Bel Canto Opera, NYC, 1979
Click here for an excerpt, Sobinin's Aria sung by Gregory Mercer, 2012

Rusalka, opera after Alexander Pushkin by Alexander Dargomyzhsky, 1986
--click here for the complete opera, performed Nov. 22, 2015 at Queens College
--click here for the Dec. 3, 2015 Queens Chronicle review.

"Within Me Music Would Resound" by Efim Medvedovskaya, music by Nataliya Medvedovskaya, 2016

8 Russian Songs, recorded in St. Petersburg, Russia, July 1-2, 2016:
1) "Benediction" by Alexander Blok, 1977
2) "Me & Russia" by Velemir Khlebnikov, 1985
3) "Greeting" by Afanasy Fet, 1977
4) "Quartet" by Ivan Krylov, 1977
5) "Nightingale in a Dream" by Gavril Derzhavin, 1977
6) "My University" by Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1970
7) "Winter Morning" by Alexander Pushkin, 1986
8) "Untitled" by Galina Leybovich, 2015

"Prelude" by Galina Leybovich, 2017

from the German

Brahms Lieder (20)

Days of the Commune play by Bertolt Brecht

The Roundheads & the Pointedheads play by Bertolt Brecht, including:
"Nannas Lied" by Bertolt Brecht

Words to Music by Gerhard Bronner (13):
"A Song to Begin," "Old McDonald's," "Everything Stereo,"
"Just A Normal Country - Almost, Not Quite," "Everything's Relative,"
"A Little Freedom," "I Stay on the Sidelines," "A Yiddisher Cowboy,"
"The Man of the Future," "Bein' Amerian's Tough," "A Man for Each Season - Easily Disposed Of"

Heinrich Heine: "Songless Was I" and excerpts from "Germany: A Winter's Tale"

Mascha Kaleko: "Liebeslied"

Karl Kraus: "To A Wrinkle"  

from the French

"Les Bourgeois" by Jacques Brel

"Je Suis Un Voyou" and "Le Parapluie" by Georges Brassens

Debussy Songs (10):
"Night of Stars," "Mandolin," "Lovely Evening," "Tis the Ecstasy," "Tears Fall Within My Heart,"
"Shadows of Trees," "Romance," "Music," "The Sea is More Beautiful," "Ballad of the Women of Paris"

from the Hebrew

"Shir L'Shalom" by Ya'acov Rotblit
--led by Helene Williams with Leonard Lehrman at the piano (on YouTube:)
--9/13/13 Yom Kippur Service, The Amsterdam, Port Washington, NY

"Al Kol Eileh" by Naomi Shemer

from the Yiddish

"In der Fremd" by Leyb Naydus
"Shtil di nakht" by Hirsh Glik  

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