Al Kol Eileh
Hebrew Text (& Music) by Naomi Shemer
Singing English translation by Leonard Lehrman
Copyright 2004

For the honey and the thistle,
for the bitter and the sweet,
all the things that join as one
to make our lives complete,
For the future of our children,
for our prayers that never cease,
for the hope that with tomorrow
comes a world of peace.

Grant us blessing, grant us blessing,
Peace and blessing we entreat.
Bless the honey and the thistle,
Bless the bitter and the sweet.
Don't uproot what we have planted,
keep our ancient hope alive,
Hear our prayer for peace and blessing,
let our homeland ever thrive.

Guard this dwelling, God, we pray you,
guard the garden, guard the store
from all fear, from sudden terror,
and from cruel war.
Guard the little that you gave us,
guard the seeds that we have sown,
guard the fruit that's not yet ripened,
and the grain that's grown.