Liebeslied (Love Song)
poem by Mascha Kaleko
set to music by Leonard Lehrman
singing translation by Leonard Lehrman
Music & Translation Copyright 1985 by Leonard Lehrman, op. 77
first performed in German by "Charles" [Karlheinz Schulze-Michels]
accompanied by composer at Juedisches Gemeindehaus, West Berlin 3/7/85
first performed in English by composer
at Verband der Journalisten, Berlin-DDR 4/19/85
recorded (in English) on Capstone #CPS-8667 (1999):
Helene Williams sings More Songs of Love
Soprano-baritone duet version, op. 77A (2/91)
premiered in English by Helene Williams & Charles Osborne
accompanied by composer, Bryant Library, Roslyn NY 8/20/09

(German original)

Wenn du mich einmal nicht mehr liebst,
Lass' mich das ehrlich wissen.
Dass du mir keine Luege gibst
Noch Trug in deinen Kuessen!
Dass mir dein Herz die Treue haelt
Musst du mir niemals schwoeren.
Wenn ein and'rer dir gefaellt
Sollst du nicht mir gehoeren.
Wenn du mich einmal nicht mehr magst,
Und geht mein Herz in Scherben
Dass du nicht fragst,
Noch um mich klagst!
Ich kann so leise sterben.

(English translation)

Should you decide you don't love me
I beg you to confide it.
Give me no kiss deceitfully.
The truth - don't try to hide it.
You needn't swear fidelity.
Long as it's been I've known you,
If you've had enough of me
Know that I do not own you.
Should you decide this cannot last
And rend my heart in pieces
Then do not ask.
What's past is past
As my life softly ceases.