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by Leonard J. Lehrman

12 Jewish Haiku

Lewis Allan (Abel Meeropol): Conscience
Lewis Allan (Abel Meeropol): If All of the Papers
Lewis Allan (Abel Meeropol): The Purple Couch

Anonymous: The Cautious Struggle

Anonymous [adapted by S. Ansky in The Dybbuk
and in turn by Bernard Malamud in Suppose A Wedding
and by Leonard Lehrman in his opera based on Malamud's play]: The Rabbi & the Rich Man

An Australian Odyssey (2002):A
1 Love Sonnet #9 (Edith Speers)
2 I Remember (Jacob Rosenberg)
3 No More Boomerang (Oodgeroo Noonuccal)
4 The Golem (Alex Skovron)
5 Fugue (Alison Croggon)
6 Credo (Alex Skovron)
7 Missing Him (Jordie Albiston)
8 After Babel (Peter Goldsworthy)
9 Our Love Is So Natural (Judith Wright)
10 A Strange Bird (Michael Dransfield)
11 Antipodean Heads (John Forbes)
12 Europe, Endless (John Forbes)
13 Crosstalk (John Tranter)
14 Erstwhile (Chris Wallace-Crabbe)
15 fairytale (Ania Walwicz)
16 Portrait (Judith Wright)
17 Woman's Song (Judith Wright)
18 Equatorial (Ian McBryde)

Rosalie Calabrese: Yellow Cabs
Samuel Coleridge: Answer to a Child's Question
St. Francis of Assisi: The Prayer of St. Francis
Grace Herman: I Am in the Middle of the World
Robert Herrick: Advice to Virgins
Lois Ann Horowitz: Why and Try
Polly Joan: Little Alice from Amherst Ohio

Tom Lehrer: A Clementine Kaddish and Goot Yuntif

Leonard Lehrman: Lyuba's Aria from Sima
Leonard Lehrman: Sisters: 1. The Wife of Lot ... 2. Miriam ... 3. Zelophehad's Daughters

Peter Maiwald: Spiele
Gene Peacock, Jr.: In the Nude
Christina Rossetti: When I Am Dead, My Dearest
Chief Seathl: The Vision of Chief Seathl
Percy Bysshe Shelley: Love's Philosophy and To Night (excerpt)
John Suckling: Why So Pale and Wan, Fond Lover?
Walt Whitman: Listen


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