by Abel Meeropol
(aka Lewis Allan)
as set to music by Leonard Lehrman, op. 93
Copyright 1987

Conscience is not a leaf in the wind

to be shaken at a gust,

but a deep root, holding fast

because it must.

Winner, Sunrise/Sunset Composition Competition, 2002
premiered by Helene Williams, NYU Law School Auditorium 6/19/87
choral premiere by Ithaca Community Chorus, Paul Gibbons, cond. 4/14/88
orchestral premiere by Brookhaven Choral Festival, Martin Rutishauser, cond. 7/13/02

recorded by Helene Williams on Songs of Conscience
cassette 3/91; re-issued on CD, 6/03
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and on CD by Tara Venditti and The Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus on
The Abel Meeropol Centennial Concert
Original Cast Records OC 6055
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