1 Love Sonnet #9 EDITH SPEERS

Darling! I have to see you! Can you come?
Not right now, of course - I'm up to my bum
In boring things I have to do. Why not
Next month? Not Thursday because I work that day;
And what with this and that, all Wednesday's shot;
Tuesdays are so awkward, too. Let's say
A long weekend. But warn me in advance -
It won't be wise to leave it all to chance.

It's such a pity I'm not on the phone,
But call me at my job, that's quite okay,
Otherwise you mightn't find me home -
A shame if you drove down here all that way
For nothing. Which reminds me - I can't cook,
So bring some coleslaw and a barbecued chook.

from Contemporary Australian Poetry (Houghton Mifflin, 1990), edited by John Leonard.
Used and reprinted by permission.

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