In the Nude
by Gene Peacock, Jr.
as set to music by Leonard Lehrman
(Naked Verses, op. 147 no. 3)
Copyright 2001

I stood naked upon the hill
and looked out over the field
there were daisies and daffodils
the sky was clear and blue
as I stood there in the nude

The grass was wet under my feet
as the sun dried the morning dew
and all the animals came to see
as I stood there in the nude

The birds all began to sing
in the trees around me
all my troubles seemed so few
as I stood there in the nude

And as the day began to end
the night became my friend
I saw the man in the moon
just standing there in the nude

premiered by Sarva Mangala, Lenox, Mass. 8/23/01
sung by Helene Williams, recorded 1/02
& broadcast by Australian Broadcasting Corp.