The Cautious Struggle
by Anonymous (from The Festival of Love (1789)
as set to music by Leonard Lehrman, op. 55
Copyright 1980 (2') Spring 1980 for Soprano & Piano
prem. by Elizabeth Parcells & composer, Augsburg 7/21/80
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US prem. by Amy Vail & composer, The Phoenix, Greenwich NY 8/21/93

Be quiet, Sir! Begone, I say!
Lord bless us, how you romp and tear!
I swear!
Now you have laid my bosom bare!
I do not like such boisterous play,
So take that saucy hand away!...
Now you're ruder than before!
Nay, I'll be hanged if I'll comply.
I'll cry!
O I can't bear it--I shall die!
I vow I'll never see thee more.
are you sure you shut
the door?